Faith is seeing the light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness...

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I am your guide, spiritual teacher, and friend when you get lost or need clarity. I specialize in relationship readings, business forecasting, finances, and life path/career.


About Me

  • Selected as Top Psychic Consultant for 2018 American Media, LLC
  • Nominated Top Psychic for California Psychics 2010
  • Bob Olson Certified as Legitimate 


  • MA Executive Leadership
  • BA Psychology
  • Certified Legal Domestic Mediator
  • Life coach and Advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorders


What To Expect

My readings are real.  I may touch parts of your soul that you thought were hidden away.  Do not be alarmed, for hidden brokenness never heals.  It is when we release these things that we are truly free. Please be prepared with pen and paper along with a list of specific questions.  I do not offer general readings as my gift is designed not for entertainment but discernment. My promise to you is that if you are open and honest with me, I will use that intention as energy to open doors and pathways within your life path and bring clarity to situations that were once a debacle. I am grateful you have chosen me as your reader and will work with you to find the peace you seek.


Support Autism and "Dare to believe" equestrian coaching

Dare to Believe Ranch


Dare to Believe Ranch is an idea born long ago based on my own struggles as a parent of a child with autism. Helping him work through his emotions became my driving force for creating a program that drew these kids and their families out into the sun as so many prefer to hide away in their own worlds – mostly video games with virtual friendships. I became ABA Certified after attaining my BA in Psychology and attempted working with children and adults on the spectrum in their homes. It was during this very short time that I realized how little support the parents had and the guff that existed between them and their children or loved one on the spectrum. There was no medium to create communication. In 2014, I created a pilot program at a therapeutic horse facility. To see parents working together with their child and talking and interacting outdoors was amazing. To teach parents how to take things in steps, just as you do with the horses, gave them insight into the very structured world of autism using the horse as a medium. Horses are great healers and respond to energy, moods, touch, and movement as they communicate silently and nonverbally – all the elements that make up the world of autism. My hope is to create such a sanctuary for families who need parental guidance, support, and love just as much as their children. A portion of my fees goes towards this dream and I hope to post updates as I raise money for property of my own. I ask for prayers and guidance as I move forward on my journey to create this space for these wonderful individuals and our equine therapists. 


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